1) A one-sentence definition (understanding/perspectives/beliefs/opinions are also fine) on Web 2.0 by each group member (What do YOU think Web 2.0 is?).

Karin Lyng: Web 2.0 allows and encourages interactive learning and information sharing between people using the internet.Brienna Blanchard: Web 2.0 is using the internet to be more interactive between people. I believe Web 2.0 can be very informative and educational, but if used in the wrong way could also cause many problems. Faith Callahan: Web 2.0 allows users to interact with one another actively rather than just a site that you can view only. This is a great tool for classroom teachers to create an innovative community amongst students.

2) One superb example of educational uses of these new tools on Web 2.0 in K-12 setting. You will work as a team, search internet, find and view a lot of class wikis created by others for their elementary and middles school classes, and then choose one that your group think is the best. You need to identify the content area (social studies, science, math, language arts...) and the grade level of the wiki you find. You also need to include a short paragraph describing why your group thinks this is a "superb" example.

Superb Class Wiki Mr. Tromp's Wiki

This site is the home page to Mr. Tromp's second grade classroom. While this link is not specific to any content area, on the left side of the page there are clearly marked links which add many content areas to the page. The areas which are linked to the site are Art (painted faces), English Language Arts (spelling lists), Health (the flue song), Technology (each student has created their own page), Math (patterns, pictograph), Science (rockets).
This site is a "superb" example for many reasons. For one, it allows communication with parents. Parents are able to read news letters, access spelling words and homework assignments. The wikispace also provides information about the students; each of the students have their own page, and have personalized it. This gives the viewer a better sense of the child's personality. By allowing the students to personalize their own page, they are learning and becoming familiar with different aspects technology and how it works.

3) A collection of resources - a minimum of 3 links (it can also be articles, resources about wiki) - on educational use of wikis, that you can use in your own teaching later.






4) A presentation to the class on what you have accomplished, and how you accomplished it.